Monday, 22 August 2016

Our Art

Maui and the sun.

We had to learn how to do pencil sketches using the paper effectively and making the drawing as bold as possible with a vivid.  We enjoyed adding detail to the picture. It really looks good displayed in our classroom.

These are our Manu Tukutuku (Maori Kites)

Using tracing paper and markers we made our designs and we used bold colors. The structure is made from skewers held together with duct tape. The feathers on the corners really made our manu tukutuku  look good. We are very proud of our work. 


  1. I love your Maui and the Sun art Room 10. Those Manu Tukutuku would look lovely in my office too.

  2. wow you all made a good job at making those kite

  3. that is super good that you can carry on patterns